If you have a voiceover project that requires first-class service, experience, reliability and 100% guaranteed result, well, you should. After almost two decades in sound studios and with an extensive background in copywriting, I can immediately understand the demands of each project and will provide several alternative approaches for you to choose the ideal one. My voice range covers all voice-over needs, from the corporate to the girly, so you can pick the voice that suits you best. Moreover, I am always on time, respect deadlines and can deliver recordings even when I’m on holidays.
I cover the full range of voice over services, from TV / Radio / Internet commercials, IVRs and Corporate videos to audioguides, documentaries and cartoon dubbing. If you have a new format in mind, I will be more than happy to indulge.
I collaborate with the top production companies and recording studios in Athens, Greece, so if you already have a partnership with one of them they already know how to get in touch with me. Otherwise, you can contact me directly either by e-mail or phone, and we can arrange the day and time that suits you best, at the studio of your preference. I can also record the project in my home studio and send you the session in .wav or .mp3 for you to listen at the convenience of your office.
I can definitely deliver your recording within 24 hours. In case of emergency, please make sure I have received your request by giving me a call (it’s always nice to speak on the phone from time to time, anyways).
In fact, yes. Even when I’m away from home, I always carry along my portable studio (an Apogee Mic, a Kaotica Eyeball and an iphone especially devoted to voiceovers) so as to deliver high quality work no matter the geographic coordinates. I normally check my e-mails several times daily, and at least once a day even when I am on holidays. For security reasons, it’s always safer to reach me on my mobile to let me know if something urgent is waiting at my inbox.
Please go through the samples of my work to get an idea of my range and technique – browsing by voice style can prove handy, if you already have an idea about how your project should sound like. If you are working on something out-of-the-box and want a professional voice to get an idea if you’re on the right track, I can audition part of your script free of charge. Just contact me anytime.
Voice-over fees depend on the use of the final recording. Feel free to contact me for a quote, mentioning the details of your project (use, length, language, delivery times).