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I was born in Athens, Greece

I was brought up, studied and (luckily or not) ended up living here today. In the meantime…

I travelled a lot

to study a bit more (in the UK & the Netherlands) and to have a good time (all over Europe & at some bits and pieces from Latin America, Asia, N. Africa and the Middle East)

I worked a lot too

In big multinationals like Leo Burnett and Young&Rubicam but also in smaller and more creative teams like Savvy Partners and Firstad.

I tried out my skills

as a waitress (really lousy), as a journalist (thorough but not very… tough? rough? ruthless? call it as you like…), as a civil engineer (fairly), as a creative copywriter and as a voice-over talent. The latter stayed with me over the past 15+ years.

As a Voice-Over Artist

  •  I have a long experience with all types of voice overs: TV & Radio commercials, IVRs, Corporate videos, Audioguides, Documentaries, Narrations, Cartoon Dubbing.
  • I can I adapt my voice to any voice-over need: from corporate to youthful and from motherly to cheesy-girly.
  • I have worked with all types of clients, from the big multinational to the café next door, and I know how to keep a customer happy by truly understanding their needs and giving them a voice.
  • I understand the importance of meeting deadlines, being punctual, having a strong sense of understanding and communication, delivering the right message to the right people.
  • I believe that actions (sounds, in our case) speak louder than words, so feel free to browse through my demos and get a clear picture of my work.